Cognitive Yoga

Growing Grownups

  Professional Development for Experienced Teachers; Create Experiential Learning Modules that grow day workshop Growing Grownups: Cultivating Self-Awareness, Empathy, and Responsibility. We know that our students need to learn more than content if they’re going to succeed in college and careers. We know we need to help them develop

A Model of a 6Second Lesson- Understanding Bias

Norman’s Rockwell’s  The Problem – we all live with Grades 8 through 12 OBJECTIVE(S) To raise awareness of the historical context of Norman Rockwell’s painting about school integration–and interpretation of the situation of his characters Writing assignment based on a Norman Rockwell picture giving the characters a voice and feelings-

Social Emotional Learning

Social Emotional Learning is the foundation for all other learning. Teaching students to regulate emotions and work together makes it possible to learn well.  From the beginning, the American educational system was seen as the great equalizer so that diverse immigrant populations could learn a common language, break down culture barriers

Cognitive Yoga -Redeux

Cognitive Yoga will be published on February 15th,  2014, available through Amazon. Cognitive Yoga is packed with useful strategies for any teacher, coach or counselor who works with groups of young adults. It supports teachers who have to transform, bored, bewildered, angry kids into curious, industrious, collaborative students who are