Cognitive Yoga

Approval– for Cognitive Yoga

      The Massachusettes Department of Education  has written and said “after careful review, we are please to inform you that your application has been approved and you can now provide Professional Development points for all courses meeting the  10 hour minimum with a written reflection or assessment as

Our greatest weakness….

  My husband was telling me about his first year of public school “Y’know, they didn’t know I was deaf that first year  but after they caught it, I had to learn to pay attention…” “But attention is the greatest skill of all, right? ” I said. I realized then

Do one thing at a time

  This may seem like an easy practice but it essential to being on task- open to the present moment and receptive to the information nature is providing you right now. Most of the time. we think, and in that dream we believe that we are attending… however.. if the

Sassy Teachers Wanted

Sassy Teacher wanted One of the most successful strategies for dealing with kids in the middle school group is a pretense that you don’t really like them much. They will then try to find evidence to the contrary, that you do actually like them. The joke ran like this. After

Welcome to Cognitive Yoga

Teaching students to use their minds well” ( Ted Sizer)   Here’s what you’ll discover soon……. Creating a Good Environment Greeting Students Wholesome Class Rules Ways and whys for organization Three great states of energy Consolidating Learning Motivating discouraged kids.   !