Cognitive Yoga

Learning from Insight OUT –<br />phone: 603-888-2355<br />
Learning from Insight Out: a professional development program for educators</span></h3>
<p><span style=”color:
#241C60“>November 4th 11th 18th    Time 12:30-4:30   The Advaita Meditation Center, Waltham, Mass ; Fee: 250  12 pdps</span></p>
<div><span style=”color:#000080f”>Blending the ancient traditions of mindfulness with modern understandings of cognition, executive functioning, social emotional intelligence and mind-body health, this professional development program for educators oers experiential teachings and practical skills that can reduce stress, enhance learning and promote cognitive, social emotional well-being and positive school culture. Sample topics include how to manage attention and energy, mindfulness and executive function, emotional literacy, and the 6second Model of Emotional Intelligence. </span></div>
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