Cognitive Yoga


Challenges Your authentic self needs a challenge to grow. That’s why service is so important. When we make a little sacrifice by contributing work for the group as we ask the mind to focus on the job, resistance appears. This resistance is composed of a collection of negative comments that

Freedom in Service

Service provides us with a special kind of freedom. We can detach from the consequences of an action, do our best, perform with attention and love and then release the action back to sumashti. Service requires the unfolding of intelligence, skill and fearlessness. It gives us an opportunity to try

Artful Service

Artful service verses Co-dependence If you happened to be one of the many people who have been raised in families where the needs of one family member demand and absorb most of the resources, time and attention from everyone in the family you might be confused about the difference between


Service is just. It is the acknowledgement that the sustenance that we enjoy, food, clothes, our homes, fuel, light and water are all provided by the work of others. Even the air is given by trees. Service returns our talents to the pool of abundance from which everyone partakes. The