Work Study Practices

Work Study Practices so that Every Student Succeeds

Because I struggled with dyslexia in a strict parochial school, I want to share methods that encourage students to persevere despite challenges. I train teachers to create immersive experiences that engage the students, require collaboration and increase their emotional responsibility.Because I am dyslexic, I strongly empathized with clients who have learning disabilities. The exercises we develop are Work Study habits that can be learned in a day but last a lifetime.

For people (or their teachers) who have spent more screen time than face time , I provide exemplars of lessons that direct attention to clarifying values and problem-solving in a supported environment. My expertise with curriculum design began shortly after graduating from Boston University and continued with adults that were reading below the 3rd-grade level, with clients from the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation, with over 1000 seventh-graders in public schools, with adult speed readers at a corporation, and with first year college students taking composition and study skills

I don’t expect the clients to come to my conclusion. As a consequence for respecting their ideas, most people I work with are eager to complete their work, reflect on their assignments and invest in their growth. My favorite students (or those who teach them ) have to work hard to succeed. They never stop hoping that by putting one foot in front of the other their skills will grow. I believe that with community support and student endurance every student can succeed

C. Lee Guerette


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