10 Simple Practices

These are study skills guidelines – but can be extended to everyday life:

1. Come to a complete Rest before Beginning a new task.
2 Do one thing at a time.
3. Complete each action.
4. Focus the attention where the work is taking place.
5. Don’t criticize yourself or others.
6. Do what is needed without regard for like and dislikes.
7. Work in a quiet, clean environment.
8. Consider one another.
9. Work for improvement, not perfection.
10. Create helpful routines , study, rest, play and work in the proper.
amounts each day.

The group center below is my source and inspiration for over thirty years.

The Advaita Meditation Center’s two venues are ideally suited for meditation and reflection. Each is wheelchair-accessible and has ample parking.

advaita waltham


Worcester House

Address: 28 Worcester Lane, Waltham. Google Map | Directions.

Worcester HouseMost of our classes and seminars take place at Worcester House in Waltham, Massachusetts. Built in 1853 by Benjamin Worcester, the elegant Italianate home with its large backyard leading to a pleasant stream is a common stop on the Waltham Historic House Tour.

This beautiful, three-story house provides an ideal setting for putting aside everyday concerns. It has many well-appointed rooms for meeting and meditation, as well as ample space for refreshments and socializing.

Rental policy: Worcester House is available for rental to nonprofit groups whose mission statements are similar to the mission statement of the Advaita Meditation Center, with the understanding that one of our members will be present at the event. Each rental of this type must be approved by the AMC Board of Trustees.

For more specific information on rental guidelines/requirements, please contact us at info@advaitameditation.org.

Hill House

Address: 549 Mast Road, Plymouth. Google Map | Directions.

Hill HouseHill House is situated on a wooded hill adjacent to Halfway Pond in Plymouth, Massachusetts, about an hour’s drive south of Boston. We host our retreats, meditation weekends and occasional weddings and other celebrations at this former private residence.

The 43-acre property and very large house offer a variety of spaces for reflection and solitude, as well as swimming in the pond or walking the wooded trails. The tranquil site is surrounded by hundreds of acres of conservation land and state parks. The area provides habitat for many species of wildlife, including bald eagles.

For more information on meditation at the Advaita Meditation Center, please contact us at 781-647-0020 orinfo@advaitameditation.org.