Sassy Teachers Wanted

Sassy Teacher wanted

One of the most successful strategies for dealing with kids in the middle school group is a pretense that you don’t really like them much. They will then try to find evidence to the contrary, that you do actually like them. The joke ran like this. After a student did something a little obnoxious, I’d say, “Oh I hate kids”, with lots of eye rolling. ( published by lee@cognitiveyoga)

The group would look at me and giggle. “So why do you work them then?” they’d ask.

“I need a steady supply of victims”, I’d counter.

Did you actually lock someone in the closet? They’d ask. “Uh huh, over the holiday vacation, you know, the kid who disappeared last year? “

Kids love this kind of teasing but your alleged behavior has to be so outrageous that they know it’s a joke. It may be a little extreme to put a jar of ashes on your desk labeled, “Kids who gave me a hard time” but I did see such a thing in a gift shop in Ogunquit Maine.


Student that have Aspergers syndrome do not get sarcasm, tone, body language and other non- verbal cues  You need to avoid this kind of joke or be sure that if  the little girl with Aspergers eyes go wide… when you say you hate kids, the othere kids can say… It’s a joke.  Don’t worry.






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