Cognitive Yoga


From time to time we need to encourage ourselves with an appropriate quote or aphorism that addresses our particular challenge. This exercise is named “Illumination”. Have the kids pick a quote that is meaningful to them, something that gets the juices flowing. It should be quote or saying that is

What would you do if ?

Your very best friend didn’t like you anymore? Something was taken out of your backpack ,and you think you know who? You are watching a person get picked on in the lavatory and no adults are around Your sister is smoking cigarettes and you know you parent’s won’t like it?

Artful Service

Artful service verses Co-dependence If you happened to be one of the many people who have been raised in families where the needs of one family member demand and absorb most of the resources, time and attention from everyone in the family you might be confused about the difference between

Measure for kids and teachers too

One of the most important concepts you can discuss with your students is the concept of “measure” . Measure has two paths. The first is using the right amount of energy to get the job done and the second is taking only what you need. In the first way, when