Measure for kids and teachers too

One of the most important concepts you can discuss with your students is the concept of “measure” . Measure has two paths. The first is using the right amount of energy to get the job done and the second is taking only what you need. In the first way, when practicing using the smallest amount of energy to get the job done, one might notice that opening the door takes a gentle turn and writing on paper does not require a death grip on the pencil or pushing down with the force of a bulldozer.

If you are scrubbing the floor mindfully, the hand intelligently adjusts to the right amount of pressure to remove the dirt. You might notice how lightly you can touch the paper with a pencil and still leave a visible marks. If you make it a point to use no unnecessary force, you would find yourself talking and walking softly and saving energy.

Our “pushing” our energy out or onto other people , our fierceness in opinion or willfulness is essentially ego driven. It is a kind of force that we seldom notice and it can exhaust the being. Consider how over a lifetime how much energy we could conserve if we didn’t try to throw our “weight” around or impose our will on the environment or others. Instead, we would be living life carefully, with a gentle precision that is more efficient that a heavy handed imposition of our attitude.

the work was here

before you were born

the work will be here

after you’re gone

the only thing

that matters

is the heart of

how you do it.

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