Time Saving technology

I wanted to listen to Adashahti on Youtube for a little while this morning
So I found Youtube on my husband I pad and it asked that I log in to my account
I put in my E mail and password and then YouTube sent a verification message
to my mobile phone but my mobile phone was in my husband’s car so I didn’t get it
Then I checked the log in to send it to my alternative number at home
I ran to pick up the phone in the kitchen
Heard the message and one finger typed it in… it was wrong.
I forgot the number
Then I got a popup from the popular Youtube videos from “ASAPscience” about how mental practice doing something is nearly as powerful as physically doing something
Well , I liked that article so I tried to log in to facebook but it didn’t log because password and capital letters were out of sync.
Next – I gave up- picked up the book next to me and read a chapter from Adyashanti’s book.
True Meditation.

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