I was hacked

If you have been getting strange tweets from this site – I was hacked.  I blog about education, psychology, learning styles, neuroscience, social emotional learning, art, creativity and mindfulness – only.  Sorry to inconvience.

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Resilience and Mindfullness

Mindfullness or Attention to the Present puts light on the inner dialogue that may be limiting your willingness to try new things. When you refuse to identify with a label such as “clumsy” or “dumb in math” then there is courage and energy to try. Resilience suggests the ability to “do over, or do differently” for that courage/ heart is needed. (Old French corage (12c., Modern French courage) “heart, innermost feelings; from Latin cor “heart” (see heart) which remains a common metaphor for inner strength.


Flying hearts (659x800)3D Painting by Ken Gidge

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