Dealing with a Crazy Neighbor

I have a neighbor who’s certifiable. When a tree limb fell half way into our yard after a snow storm and I pushed it back- he yelled over the fence that he was going to get a lawyer and sue us. “It’s  an act of God !,”  he declared ,  “And since it’s on your land you have to deal with it.”

There was another run in yesterday.  My  JRT who was on a leash ran into his yard and got tangled on a solar light stuck in the ground.   Just after I detangled the dog, the neighbor popped out (Does he have surveillance cameras?)  and nastlily said, “ Would you mind keeping your dog off my property .”

“I’m sorry, he got tangled.” I said” It was an accident”

“Well, he shouldn’t be on my lawn,” the neighbor haughtily added

Something clicked just then.  This guy is miserable and he’s pushing his weight around, I thought.  He can’t hear me in his need for control and power so I choose to stand up to him, right now.

“I have had just about enough of you. You are the most miserable, awful neighbor I have ever met. “

“I’ll call the cops on you for trespassing,” he snarled

Go right ahead! I yelled back, followed by some choice name calling.

He called me a name from behind a closed door.

I saw him smoking a cigarette today – as I was on a ladder cutting branch and could see over fence. I wondered if he is an Iraqi veteran or was traumatized some other way.   I almost asked but he disappears off the porch before I could.  So what is the emotionally intelligent thing to do?


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Heroes in a Dream

I like to be admired. Sometimes I’ll find a person who thinks well of me and says things like   “Oh that must have been awful for you. How could you stand it?”

My ego gobbles up the compliment and feels very smug. “Ah”, she says, “I am hard done by but courageous.”  How sweet the satisfaction of triumph over those evil doers.

While meditating, it was seen how the ego just loves complaining to gain recognition. There was a vision of a group of people marching up a dusty country road. At the crest of the hill, we’d say to each other “How are you?

“Not too good, my wife dinged the car and I had it towed, I just don’t know how I can afford this.” Or “My boss just trashed six months of work. He is such a jerk.”

It was a Parade of Miseries, each ego trying to more miserable than the other, greeting each other with colorful tales of woe.  The human condition of suffering which is natural and only avoidable  with wisdom is food for the ego’s claim to fame and recognition.  We’re all heroes in our own little dream.


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and Grief 
Inspiration and Dormancy
and the Spaces in between
and Abundant
and Ease
and Surrender  
Manifest and
the Absolute
It is Only the appearance of the Opposite
that makes the lifetime Whole
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Your authentic self needs a challenge to grow. That’s why service is so important. When we make a little sacrifice by contributing work for the group as we ask the mind to focus on the job, resistance appears.
This resistance is composed of a collection of negative comments that often sound like:’ I’m no good at this, I hate this job, When will this end… I shouldn’t have to do this.’
This is actually identification as the “Doer” of the task who feels exploited . When resistance arises and you tell your authentic self to quietly attend, this set of obstructing ideas dissolves with your coming into the present moment. Generally the present is a simple awareness of the body, hand and mind intelligently guided by the needs of the task itself. The obstructing ideas cover up the sweet contentment that endures just beneath the cloud of resistance. We often think that we bring energy to the job and it drains us. In truth- the body mind responds to the needs in creation inviting us to join the dance and we are energized by our participation.


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Mentoring Mindfullness

Mindfull  activities are challenging to teach. It requires  deep self examination, the ability to be ready for anything that arises in the classroom, and demeanor that’s calm right down to your toenails.  I can offer coaching in mindfulness to teachers who are introducing these practices into their own classroom. This kind of collaboration will provide you with empathetic support to sustain and encourage you. Write to or call 603-888-2355

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020In the long run – decency wins, anyone who tries to take more than they deserve  alienate others and that is the seed of their own destruction. 3D Painting FAN has a new application that you give you a 20 % discount on a painting for “liking” the page.

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