Dealing with a Crazy Neighbor

I have a neighbor who’s certifiable. When a tree limb fell half way into our yard after a snow storm and I pushed it back- he yelled over the fence that he was going to get a lawyer and sue us. “It’s  an act of God !,”  he declared ,  “And since it’s on your land you have to deal with it.”

There was another run in yesterday.  My  JRT who was on a leash ran into his yard and got tangled on a solar light stuck in the ground.   Just after I detangled the dog, the neighbor popped out (Does he have surveillance cameras?)  and nastlily said, “ Would you mind keeping your dog off my property .”

“I’m sorry, he got tangled.” I said” It was an accident”

“Well, he shouldn’t be on my lawn,” the neighbor haughtily added

Something clicked just then.  This guy is miserable and he’s pushing his weight around, I thought.  He can’t hear me in his need for control and power so I choose to stand up to him, right now.

“I have had just about enough of you. You are the most miserable, awful neighbor I have ever met. “

“I’ll call the cops on you for trespassing,” he snarled

Go right ahead! I yelled back, followed by some choice name calling.

He called me a name from behind a closed door.

I saw him smoking a cigarette today – as I was on a ladder cutting branch and could see over fence. I wondered if he is an Iraqi veteran or was traumatized some other way.   I almost asked but he disappears off the porch before I could.  So what is the emotionally intelligent thing to do?


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