How does yoga increase Cognitive/intellectual health?

hotlee-1-1[1]Carolynne, you asked How does yoga increases cognitive/intellectual health?
I was hunting for a scholarly paper that addresses your question but I haven’t located something specific enough. However I’ll give you an answer I believe to be true. When people practice yoga, and the paced deep breathing that goes with it, they are giving their nervous system a break from the usual wound up tension that is held in the body. They are teaching themselves to self sooth, to understand how to do it and learning what it feels like. They are also learning where they hold their tension: in the neck or stomach.. whatever.  Ideas, worry, stress trigger the bodies response to “tense” up ready for fight or flight. The problem is that the reaction is “automatic” and unreasoned. When people understand the connection between their mind and body that awareness helps them choose how to respond.  They can stay open, curious and aware instead of defensive. It is a much healthier place to be when real free will is in place.

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