Knowing Better

The problem with always knowing better
When my son was 6, he taught me a lesson in equanimity. My mother, his beloved meme, loved green beans and she would snap off the ends one by one to make a pot. One day, I showed my boy how I did it. I take a whole bunch, a dozen or so, line them up on the cutting board so the ends are in the same place and with one swoop of the knife – cut all ends off. I called my son over – with evident superiority and said “ See, look how mommy does this. He looked and said “So what! Just because you do it that way doesn’t mean you’re better.
Ooops, my mother was  just as happy, not being in a rush. Why do we think that “my” system is better because it characterized by “my” preferences? Daffs on PinkDaffs on Pink  3D painting by Ken Gidge

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