School Stress Takes A Toll On Health, Teens And Parents Say …

A  parent friend of mine commented that  “mindfullness” teaching in the schools was gaining a toe hold in her neighborhood. She further questioned but if Mindfullness is the antidote to  STRESS in the schools – why are we creating so much stress for the kids?
Is this the cost of modern life?  If we consider most of the work done one hundred years ago was physical labor for the majority of the people and even for the wealthy people had to walk a great deal, somehow our life style seems to bottle us all up in the head.
Many folks go around thinking and thinking  as if our bodies were transportation for our brains.  Emotions though are laced through our entire systems.  A practice that might help is this- one that  I was taught on a recent retreat.   Lala said, “What is recommended for CPR:   STOP, LOOK,  LISTEN  AND FEEL.
We could do that everyday.stress for kids
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