Services for School Leaders and Groups

School Leaders care about kids.  In order to provide the best for the children they need to care for their teachers.   In recent years the amount of attention paid to study and promote Social Emotional Skills has grown exponentially.  The key factor is that the people who provide the most service, need the most support.  This is often not the case.  Burn out, stress, hostile kids, demanding parents, ineffective discipline all contribute to how well teachers can perform.  When the school goal is an overall happy, productive community with solid Social Emotional Skills in place I can help.

I can offer your organization the following

A free introductory lecture on SEL and the neuroscience of learning


A two hour workshop that will provide the basic framework for creating lessons using Emotional Intelligence to address core  subjects with the the Six second Model

Two day workshops – 6 hours each of intensive training in SEL Lesson plans – the Leadership EI assessment from 6seconds, core competencies, examples, research, resources and collaborative activities

The same material as the 2 day workshops but extended over 6 weeks in two hour classes  with additional applications and practice

A full college level class of 37 hours that includes a personal Emotional intelligence profile with follow up  coaching, a school wide inventory, creating a model of the brain and learning, Strategies for the classroom and it’s connection to core subjects, an investigation of several research based SEL programs, their mission, process, tools, and relevance

The .B introductory course on Mindfullness for youth 12-14 on site see link:


Only a handful of teachers are qualified to train in this broad a spectrum:


Lee Guerette is an educational leader and advocate of SEL who helps teachers bring social emotional skills and mindfullness into their classroom.  Prior to establishing Cognitive Yoga,   Lee spent 25 years as a classroom teacher, reading and learning disabilities specialist and 30 years as a member of the Adavaita Meditation Center. Lee offers a wide range of programs and services from personal coaching to workshops, college level classes and on site introductions to mindfullness for students in the 7th to 9th grade.

Lee specializes in coaching teachers to instill in their students methods that help them focus, manage their emotions, collaborate and set goals.  Teachers will have strategies that increase student involvement, critical thinking and executive function.   After a successful career as a reading/writing and study skills teacher Lee now coaches other teachers how to achieve the same success. Lee is no stranger to the challenges of classroom management and the shallow disengaged attitudes of middle school students.  Her book Cognitive Yoga is now available at Amazon and will guide thousands of teachers to weave the benefits of SEL into their daily classes.  To contact Lee please email or go to