Your authentic self needs a challenge to grow. That’s why service is so important. When we make a little sacrifice by contributing work for the group as we ask the mind to focus on the job, resistance appears.
This resistance is composed of a collection of negative comments that often sound like:’ I’m no good at this, I hate this job, When will this end… I shouldn’t have to do this.’
This is actually identification as the “Doer” of the task who feels exploited . When resistance arises and you tell your authentic self to quietly attend, this set of obstructing ideas dissolves with your coming into the present moment. Generally the present is a simple awareness of the body, hand and mind intelligently guided by the needs of the task itself. The obstructing ideas cover up the sweet contentment that endures just beneath the cloud of resistance. We often think that we bring energy to the job and it drains us. In truth- the body mind responds to the needs in creation inviting us to join the dance and we are energized by our participation.


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Our greatest weakness….


My husband was telling me about his first year of public school

“Y’know, they didn’t know I was deaf that first year
 but after they caught it, I had to learn to pay attention…”

“But attention is the greatest skill of all, right? ” I said.

I realized then that because I was dyslexic, and shamed because of the errors

I learned a 1000 ways to teach

It seems like … our greatest weakness because our greatest strength.

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