Why Acceptance at school is important

Why is it so important?  The life of a child depends so much on his social interactions at their school and relationships with their friends. Finding our place in the world, being accepted and learning to fulfill our potential talents requires that we feel safe enough to take risks. When a teacher creates an atmosphere that is mutually respectful, supportive and encouraging, children can be their authentic selves and ask the questions that puzzle them the most.  This requires that learning differences be honored so that elitism doesn’t evolve and crush the participation of children who are less typical learners.

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Our greatest weakness….


My husband was telling me about his first year of public school

“Y’know, they didn’t know I was deaf that first year
 but after they caught it, I had to learn to pay attention…”

“But attention is the greatest skill of all, right? ” I said.

I realized then that because I was dyslexic, and shamed because of the errors

I learned a 1000 ways to teach

It seems like … our greatest weakness because our greatest strength.

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