Mindfullness, good manners and civility have something in common. These principles all share the goal of awareness of others and then making an effort to anticipate what they need . Civil behavior assumes that other people are worthwhile and worthy of respect This courtesy is extended one on one. Here’s a few ideas
Give a break to a mother with a cranky child by letting her ahead of you in the grocery line
Notice if someone needs a tissue or a glass of water in a meeting
Put your trash in the barrel in public places
Don’t drive while using the cell phone
Don’t use a cell phone in a public place where others can hear your conversation
Dress appropriately for the occasion
Allow an elderly person to go first or offer a hand to steady a step.
Be patient with a child that does not do things as quickly as you wish
The wakefulllness required is not about using the right fork but rather the practice of graciousness and consideration to make everyone feel welcome in our shared world.

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