Social Pragmatics, Tone and Music

Social Pragmatics and the tone  (the attitude ) of a sentence is frequently a mystery to student who are on the autism scale.  Was speaking to a young teacher who was working with children on the this spectrum.  We discussed the challenges of teaching them to comprehend “the tone” of a sentence, identifying whether the string of words were spoken in a  sarcastic, patronizing, a questioning or hostile way.    Had an “aha”moment when I connected using notes on a piano to simulate the pace, inflection, and pitch of each word in a sentence.  Since music is left brained, I wondered if it would support spectrum kids to “get” the meaning in that way.  There is a chapter on Tone in the Book Cognitive Yoga. What do you think? Would this work?

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Social Emotional Learning


Social Emotional Learning is the foundation for all other learning. Teaching students to regulate emotions and work together makes it possible to learn well.  From the beginning, the American educational system was seen as the great equalizer so that diverse immigrant populations could learn a common language, break down culture barriers and create literate American citizens.  Now the best practices in education have evolved to include the neuro-science of learning and the benefits that result from creating a positive social climate.  Educational Leaders have recommended that we move from a presentation of facts  and subsequent skill practice to the recognition that subjects must be meaningful, relevant to the community, and that personal engagement is required to learn.

We can no longer afford to be a competitive society where some win at the expense of others.  In order to have respect for diversity, and combine their talents, students must understand themselves, empathize with others, and collaborate.  S.E.L   is the science of creating a transformational environment for our students.

What the world community needs most is:  creative solutions to complex problems, ethical personal and social behavior and sustainable systems to save our planet.

C. Lee Guerette

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Peace of mind

The road to daily happiness is not hard to find, it’s what we do for others that brings us peace of mind.

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